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11 Documents Required for Exporting Webinar


Join David Noah, founder and president of Shipping Solutions, the most used export documentation and compliance software, as he talks about the 11 most common documents required for an export shipment including what they look like, what type of information typically appears on the form, and how it will be used. Lisa Nemer, vice-president of...


Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Exports Compliance Webinar


Organized by CS Philadelphia in collaboration with the Mid-Atlantic DEC and Temple University's CIBER, the ACE Exports Compliance Webinar will cover Foreign Trade Regulation guidelines, commodity classification guidance, Automated Export System and ACE AESDirect filing, ACE Export Reports, Export Administration Regulations and EEI, and ITAR/OFAC sanctions programs. This webinar is designed to help companies learn...

$3 – $95