MGK International wins President’s “E” Award for exporting

On July 13, 2022, several elite United States companies were given the President’s “E” Award for their success as exporters, as demonstrated by their sustaining an increase in export sales over a four-year period.  The “E” Award Program, created by Executive Order of the President, has recognized many of the nation’s most dynamic exporters since its inception in 1961 and serves as the benchmark against which all companies measure their own progress and success. U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo complimented the winners, as she named them all, noting that, “U. S. exports are a crucial component of our global commercial engagement,” as she praised the private corporations that were this year’s winners- acknowledging them for their export achievements.

There is a broad field of tough competitors from across the country who have the credentials to receive this prestigious award. As such, the New Jersey District Export Council (NJDEC) is especially proud to applaud one of our state’s own organizations – MGK International, which is headed by Dipan (Puaal) Patel, is located in Princeton, New Jersey. For over four decades, MGK International, a part of the Mehta Trading Company based in Mumbai, India, has been involved in the scrap metal trade business, with branches in India, Dubai, Singapore, London, Europe and the United States. 

Speaking to the NJDEC from his office in Princeton, New Jersey, Dipan shared the impressive milestones that the company has attained since they first entered the United States market with a license to manage electronic waste. Today the company trades over 70,000 metric tons per month of scrap metal globally, as the company has steadily grown a well-recognized reputation as one of North America’s leading scrap metal importers. Beginning in 2007 they  began exporting in the key areas of aluminum, steel and cooper – such as auto shredded steel, heavy melting steel, used rails, cast iron, cold rolled steel coils, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and many other products, while also managing industry waste including electric motors, lead windows, dry and wet batteries, and more.

Throughout the years of 2011, 2012, 2013 and on into 2014-2018, the company continued to enjoy great success. But looking in the rearview mirror only shows how far you have come. The leaders of this company look ahead – to see instead how far they can go!

The leaders of MGK are committed to its future profitability. They have established financial goals that can be achieved, as they continue to: 

  • Develop a leadership role in this billion-dollar industry
  • Nurture even stronger relationships in Korea (especially Busan), Tawain and China
  • Leverage the potential of the world’s developing countries currently being served from the U.S.’s east and west coast ports   
  • Earn ISO certification
  • Ensure that they are producing and exporting the highest quality scrap available in the industry  

As their web site states, “We look to the future with renewed enthusiasm borne out of our experience of the past and a vision of things to come.”

Congratulations to MGK International headed by Dipan Patel on winning the 2022 President’s “E” Award.